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Bob R.

I have two bulging disks. I’ve been through decompression therapy many times…it is a painless procedure and the results keep me going…I’m on a once a month maintenance now and I’m good to go. Totally recommend it for lower back pain. My son is a chiropractor down south and he recommended Dr Dohoney and I’m glad he did.


When I first came to Dr. Dohoney’s office, I had extreme lower back and leg pain. After several spinal decompression therapies, I am feeling much better. I’m still on decompression therapy, hoping by the end of the sessions, all pain is gone. I highly recommend Dr. Dohoney for anyone experiencing back pain.

Joe M.

In my 30’s I pulled a tendon in my left upper arm. As long as I did exercises and stretching for it, it usually did not bother me. In my middle-late sixties, however, it got worse. I couldn’t sleep through the night, having to sit in a chair for 1-2 hours before falling back to sleep.

I had an injection and kept exercising, but after about 3 weeks the discomfort returned. My family recommended Steve, and I started going to him. In about 4 weeks I felt better and was able to get a good rest.

At the same age my back started to bother me. At times my wife had to drive because I could not. Steve worked on my back also and I kept stretching, and felt much better. During the winter I have come to Steve because my back hurt from snowblowing/shoveling. In a day or two I would feel better.

Between chiropractic and stretches/exercise I learned in PT, I can do just about everything but heavy lifting, jogging, etc.

Roseanne P.

“…the right side of my neck, my right shoulder, right lower back, and hip were in pain and bothering me when sleeping at night. I would wake up after a few hours of sleep and stay awake. After my treatments, I now sleep all night, waking refreshed and ready for the day. I feel alert and rested.”

Vicki G.

“When I first came to Dr. Dohoney’s office, I had pain in my arm and neck from a pinched nerve. This pain woke me up at night and was very uncomfortable during the day. With the chiropractic therapy and spinal decompression, the pain is now a thing of the past. I highly recommend Dr. Dohoney’s treatments to anyone experiencing back and neck pain.”

Kyle A.

“I had been to other Chiropractors. I felt like just a number. This practice took the time to hear where my issues were. The Dr. treated me like a family member and cared to treat my issues. Other places make you feel like a victim or like you imagine the pain. He worked me through back pain I had for years that is almost non-existent.

I feel like I owe the Dr. for giving me quality of life back. Customer service and caring is what this practice is about. Bring your family and friends lets keep this practice alive in NASHUA. Thank you Dr. Dohoney !!!!”

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