Muscle Stimulation

Nashua Chiropractor “Turns on the Juice” To Help Alleviate Your Pain!

At the Pain Relief Center, in Nashua, NH, Dr. Dohoney may prescribe Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), a proven method of healing injuries and rehabilitating muscles. It is also used by pain management practitioners to prevent or reduce muscle atrophy.

chiropractic electrical muscle stimulation

Chiropractic Electrical Muscle Stimulator

How does EMS Work?

Where attached to the body, the gentle electrical source stimulates the nerves to send signals to your muscles to expand and contract. Just as injury or strain creates a damaging domino effect, EMS brings down one problem that reduces another and another. Increased blood flow speeds the blood’s nutrients to injured tissue, which assists in healing and makes a contracted muscle expand (which relaxes the muscle) relieving painful spasm.

Releasing muscle tension frees circulatory pathways, which along with increased circulation, reduces swelling and inflammation. As a result, range of motion is increased.

So lie back and relax while Dr. Dohoney places the special EMS pads on the area of concern. He’ll slowly increase the intensity until you tell him you’re receiving the right amout of stimulation. You are always in control.

Place Your Recovery in the Caring and Capable Hands of Nashua Chiropractor, Dr. Stephen Dohoney

If you are suffering from any muscle-related problem, contact Dr. Stephen Dohoney for an evaluation and steps to recovery. Phone the Pain Relief Center in Nashua, NH at 603-886-4500.

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